SEO in Dumfries and Galloway

In short, SEO is one of the most effective methods to increase site visitors and raising your brand awareness.

We are an agency made up of Search Engine Optimisation specialists in Dumfries, who can work with your business to increase site visitors and sales online.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The purpose of SEO is to aim to rank as highly as possible on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, by optimising your website both onsite and offsite. A high ranking on the Search Engine Results Page will increase your site visitors, the higher your website ranks the more visitors to your website. There is a significant difference between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd search result, with 18% of organic clicks going to the 1st website,10% to the 2nd and only 7% for the 3rd. SEO is extremely competitive but also incredibly rewarding if you have experienced and specialist SEO experts working with you like us. To ensure we provide our clients with the best service we have partnered with Keep SEO Simple, who offer SEO services in Glasgow and Scotland.

The reasons you want to rank highly is fairly obvious, the higher you rank the more visitors to your site. The main benefit of SEO other than more visitors is that you are not paying these visitors to come to your site.

SEO is becoming more and more complex, there is regular updates on how search engines rank websites and it is very hard to keep up. Some basic examples of SEO include relevant, unique and high quality content (descriptions, images, videos etc), a users experience on a website, the speed of the site, if the website is compatible with other devices such as mobiles and tablets and more complicated examples like meta descriptions and duplicate content.

SEO is heavily dependent on the quality of your website, if your website is poor, outdated or uses a website builder then we highly recommend using us to create a brand new website for you. Our websites are fully responsive and are on the best platform to get the most out of optimising your site for search engines, like Google.

One of the main ranking factors for SEO are backlinks, they are links from other websites directing back to your website, a backlink from another website is like a vote for your website telling Google you have established a form of trust from another. Not all backlinks are the same, though. A websites authority and relevancy to your own is also a contributing factor. A few hundred backlinks from an irrelevant low authority website is not considered to be as valuable as one backlink from a relevant high quality source. Backlinks from spammy sites can occur very easily and some websites have hundreds or even thousands, this can be considered detrimental to your websites SEO and can actually cause it to lose rankings on search results.

We are a Professional SEO Agency in Dumfries

SEO is continually getting more complicated and harder to manage. It’s an ongoing process that will never stop if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Without a specialist in SEO to help you increase your rankings you will find yourself not being seen by users and losing out on business. We can optimise your site for you, both affordably and effectively. So contact us today to discuss your businesses needs.

How we do SEO


We’ll talk with you about your needs and discuss with you exactly how we plan to meet them using SEO.

Competitor Research

We’ll use specialist SEO tools to analyse every backlink your competitor has, looking at what they are doing for SEO as well as noting down relevant websites we can outreach to.

Keyword Research

We’ll thoroughly research through hundreds of keywords that relate to your business to find out what keywords we want your site to be ranking for. The results can also be used for PPC Marketing.

Website Review

We will review your website to find what could be improved and also look at your backlinks to see if there is any sites that are considered spammy, which will be removed.

On-site SEO

We’ll improve your website by optimising it for the chosen keywords and will also beef up your content with our professional copyrighting if it’s looking a little scarce.

Off-Site SEO

We will perform outreach to relevant websites to gain backlinks,submit your site to high quality directories and more. Optimising your site for local SEO is also a priority.

Review & Perfect

We will review what we have done, change what didn’t work and increase what went well.


We will then continually repeat the whole process, starting with a meeting with you on how we’re doing and what we plan to do next.

Benefits of SEO

Increased Traffic

A higher ranking on Google leads to more website traffic for your site. A site which doesn’t spend time on SEO can’t expect to have a lot of traffic, if any at all from organic search. 

Only relevant traffic

When SEO is done correctly, you rank for keywords that your website is relevant for. Any traffic coming to your site will be looking for your products or services.

Return on investment

SEO brings a large return on investment when done effectively. It’s also easy to track rankings, visitors and conversions. This allows you to calculate your return on investment for every penny spent on SEO.

Improved User Experience

SEO is all about making your website as relevant,informative,engaging and easy to use as possible. By spending time on SEO you are actually improving your users experience on your site at the same time!

Brand Awareness

If you use SEO to get high rankings, the increased traffic to your site also creates exposure for your company. People will trust your business over competitors for ranking higher and even if there was no conversion just yet they will have visited your site and remember it rather than a competitors.

SEO creates trust

70%-80% of users skip paid ads to click on organic results. This is because users trust a search engines results over websites lower in the search engine results page. The higher you are on a SERP, the more users trust your site.

Search Engine Optimisation FAQ

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is similar to the standard national level SEO that we all use. Most of the ranking factors are considered to be the same however other factors such as location, online directories and reviews all play a big part in ranking your website for local search results. If you ever search for a business such as “pizza shop Dumfries”, this is a local search and results shown will be local results to Dumfries.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

There is no one price for SEO. Every business is unique with a variety of different needs, you may be in a very competitive industry online where a lot of work is needed or have many products or services you want to rank. After a consultation with us, we can recommend what we think will be the best strategy to use moving forward and ranking your website on Search Engines!

How long does SEO take?

SEO is a continuous process which never stops, on average you should start seeing decent results within 3-6 months. However, to achieve the best results requires many months of hard work. To be truly successful with SEO your business needs to constantly work on optimising your site to stay in front of the competition and ranking well enough to be seen.

Can you guarantee my website ranks #1 on Google?

No. We urge you not to trust anyone who guarantees a ranking on a search engine. Search engines constantly update and rankings always change. It’s a common occurrence to see your rankings fluctuate regularly. We use proven and well tested methods to optimise your site for search engines, ensuring we have the best possibility to successfully rank your website on search engines, all while being cost effective,efficient and focusing on a positive return on investment.

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