PPC Marketing in Scotland

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a great way to bring in business through your website using PPC ads.

We are an agency made up of Pay Per Click experts in Dumfries and Galloway, who are able to bring in relevant traffic to your website and provide a return on investment.

About Pay Per Click Ads

With the use of ads on search engines like Google, websites bid against each other in an effort to be placed on top of the search results. Not only does it bring in relevant traffic when done correctly, it brings the traffic in fast. Once a PPC advert is activated, you can start to see results immediately.

Google has to decide who is shown for these ads, which are determined by who bids the highest every time their ad is clicked (their cost per click) as well as quality score, a number of factors such as how relevant your ad is, expected conversion rates and your chosen landing page, altogether this is what is called adrank. The better your quality score and bid the more likely you are to appear on the top ad of a search result.

What are keywords?

A PPC service like Google Adwords, allows websites to select specific keywords to bid on. A keyword is a word or phrase a user searches for on a search engine. PPC involves researching keywords to find what brings in relevant traffic.

Main Ad Networks

The most popular Ad Network is Google Adwords. However there are many other alternatives that can be just as beneficial to use. The other main Ad Network is Bing Ads, other well known networks include Facebook and Twitter. However, we include Social Media platform advertising in our Social Media Marketing Service.

What’s the difference between PPC and SEO?

PPC and SEO are similar but they are also very different. They both involve extensive research to find what keywords people are using to find a business like yours and there are factors involving how well your ad ranks compared to competitors ads. The two main differences between Search Engine Optimisation and pay per click advertising is the time to see results and the price:


Pay per click provides instant results, no matter your SEO ranking or how new your website is, when an ad is created it’s shown in search results, allowing you to receive visitors to your site in minutes. However, this form of advertising costs money for every visitor to your site, the cost of each click can depend on what keywords you are trying to target.


Traffic from a search engines organic (non paid) results are free, this is the main result that those who work on SEO want. Although, the whole process is a constant effort and can take many months to see any results. We recommend using PPC advertising to achieve instant visitors to your site while also working on SEO to target your organic audience.

Why you should not manage PPC yourself

There are many rookie mistakes that can be made when using PPC ads, some of  which can cost you a lot of money. You may get into a bidding war with another website, bidding way over an amount that would get you a return on investment, or you could perhaps add an extra 0 onto your budget on a competitive keyword and see £1000 disappear overnight. Another reason is irrelevant traffic, without proper keyword research you may find you are paying for visitors who are irrelevant and end up leaving your site immediately. We are trained and have professional experience with PPC management in Scotland and we can effectively research, implement and review your ad campaigns with a focus on return on investment.

How we manage PPC Campaigns


We will have a chat with you to identify what product or service we can promote, talk about budgets and find out who your potential customers are.

Keyword Research

We’ll research the best keywords that your prospects are using to find you, working through hundreds of potential keywords and selecting the most relevant.


We will design your ads, create the copy and design an effective landing page that will help convert your customers and eliminate a high bounce rate. Your ads will then be made live.

Analyse and refine

Using analytics software we will measure your success and find out what went well and what can be improved on. We’ll use the data to improve the ad for the next time it’s run.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising.

Instant Results

PPC allows you to create and display an ad to someone who searches for your keyword in a short time frame, much quicker than SEO.

Very Targeted

A PPC platform like Google Adwords allows you to target a specific audience, you can select specific times for your ad to be displayed as well as selecting specific geographical locations.

Increased Reach

PPC brings in more visitors to your website, increasing your brand awareness and helping you receive as many relevant visitors to your site as possible.

Monitoring ROI Is Easy

Monitoring your return on investment with PPC ads is easy thanks to the way pay per click advertising works. You only “pay per click”, so it is simple to manage your costs, work out your conversion rate and find out your return on investment.

Budget Friendly

PPC has no restrictions on how low your spend on ads have to be. This is a great benefit for small businesses as it allows you to use PPC ads on a budget that is suitable for your business.

Helps With Testing

A pay per click campaign allows you to carry out A/B testing on a webpage to see what works best and even test out keywords to see if it’s worthwhile spending time on SEO to improve your organic rankings. We can carry out A/B testing on your website.

PPC Management FAQ

Can I make use of PPC ads on a budget?

Yes. There is no minimum spend on PPC ads, this allows you to set a budget as low as you please. We can help you find the right budget to target all of your relevant audience, or if you are on a tight budget we can make your small ad spend as cost effective as possible.

What do you charge for PPC management?

As with all our services, our charges depend on a number of factors which we will find out during the initial consultation. Our rates are very competitive, so contact us and we can help bring targeted customers to your website.

What are the most popular sites offering PPC advertising?

There are many sites who offer PPC advertising to businesses. The most popular are Google Adwords and Bing Ads. We use both of these to effectively target your relevant audience on search engines, for the best result possible.

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