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Every business needs a website. All-in-one Web Design provides everything you need to not only get up and running but thrive as a business on the internet.

We will work very closely with you during the whole process to ensure we create a website that helps achieve your businesses goals. When combined with our Digital Marketing Services, we will make your business even more competitive online.

Responsive Web Design

What is a responsive website design?

Responsive web design is essential if you plan on attracting business using a website. A responsive website is simply a website that responds to different screen sizes, most commonly mobile phones, tablets, laptops and Desktops by adjusting the size of its content (like text and images) to fit the screen of the device and still is easy to navigate by the user.

What does a non-responsive website look like?

You will most likely have come across a non-responsive website if you use the internet on a phone or tablet. A non-responsive website usually involves the user having to zoom in and out to read text, have trouble clicking links and trying to navigate across a single page by swiping across the screen. This is detrimental to a user’s experience and will most likely lead the visitor to leave your site to go to a competitor.

We create beautiful responsive websites.

All websites we create are fully responsive and are able to adjust to a devices screen automatically, which allows the user to navigate your website with ease, which could potentially lead to a newly acquired customer.

We don’t just create responsive websites; we are able to adjust any of your websites content to look stunning on different devices. We are also able to completely remove content on specific devices such as mobile, tablet or desktop so a user can have a completely different experience on their mobile than desktop. It’s important to have a responsive website in order to increase your visibility on Google, so we have partnered up with SEO Agency Keep SEO Simple to offer our clients a better service.

If you are interested in learning more about responsive web design and how we can help you in creating a website that would help achieve your business goals, have a chat with us today and we can discuss your needs.

Benefits of a responsive website

Google recommended

Google recommends that all websites should be responsive, it has been suggested that responsive design helps with your SEO rankings, especially on mobile searches. Responsive web design has become the norm of modern website design. If you have not yet made the jump into responsive website design, we recommend you do as soon as possible (as does Google).

Improved user experience

A non-responsive website is horrible for a visitor’s experience, and they will assume your business is as much of a wreck as your website. A responsive website will improve a user’s experience with your website and me be the reason you get a client over your competitors.

Websites adjust to work with different screen sizes

A non-responsive website does not respond to different screen sizes, resulting in a visitor seeing an odd looking website or worse, having to swipe to move across a single page, which usually results on them leaving. With a responsive website, your website content adjusts to fit perfectly on mobile, tablet and computers.

More Google searches on mobile than desktop

It has now been recorded that more Google searches happen on a mobile device than desktop, this means that most visitors to websites are viewing them on a mobile device. Your visitors want ease of access to your business information online.

Did you know? Websites Receive More Organic Visitors if the Site is Mobile Optimised

What we can provide

Mobile Friendly Responsive Website

We can create a beautiful website that responds to fit on all screen sizes, allowing your visitors to view your site with ease on any device.

Domain name registration

We can set up your domain name and save you the hassle of doing it yourself, we can also manage your domains too.

Unlimited company email accounts

With our hosting you can create an unlimited number of email accounts. We can set them up for you as well as sort any problems you may have.

Website hosting

We can provide website hosting to our clients at affordable prices, as well as manage your hosting and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Website maintenance

We can provide maintenance to your website regularly. We look for bugs and any threats like viruses and get rid of them. We also take backups of your site and update your website software and plugins when required.

Independent evaluations after completion

We hire two independent web professionals to review your site and provide suggestions on how it can be improved. We feel independent evaluations are paramount to improving our clients websites.

SEO audit one month after completion

One month after your website has been live, we perform an SEO audit to let you know how your website is doing and how we can improve your rankings using our specialist SEO techniques.

Website extras

Your website doesn’t have to be bare, we throw in lots of extras that you can have us add to your website. Extras include maps, sliders, pricing tables, image galleries, videos, blogs and contact forms.

Tuition on updating the website yourself

We are able to teach you how to update content on your website yourself if preferred, this can be done in person or online.

Implementing Google Analytics

As standard we add Google Analytics to every site, this allows you to see exactly how many visitors you have, where they’re coming from and what they’re looking at. Using Analytics we can read between the lines and find out what we can do to improve your website.

Website Security

We can install the latest website security software to your site in order to protect it from viruses and hackers, they are a serious problem but we are able to prevent any attack happening.

Website content

We can assist you with creating the information for your website, making sure it’s engaging and allows your business to get its message across to your visitors. We can also help source photos if needed at affordable prices.

Need something different? We can cater for all your requirements, have a chat with us and we can discuss your needs.

Beautiful & engaging websites that get you more clients.

Let us help grow your business.

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