Social Media Marketing in Scotland

Social Media has exploded in recent years, with over 2.3 billion active users on social media there has never been a better time to gain a social presence and to market your business on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We are Social Media Specialists and can make your business stand out in front of your online audience.

Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Social Media has exploded in recent years, with over 2.3 billion active users on social media there has never been a better time to gain a social presence and to market your business on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can advertise on social media for free, posting organically. However, this is getting increasingly hard as social media platforms push for more use of ads. The average non paid reach on Facebook is around 2.6% of your total likes. Thankfully, ads on the likes of Facebook can be very targeted. This means you can target a specific gender, age group, location and any specific interests someone has. If you compare a highly targeted ad on Facebook to a newspaper ad where there is no guarantee anyone will read it or find it relevant, then you can see which is more likely to get you customers.

Promote anything with Social Media

You are able to promote anything with Social Media, making it easy to implement to help achieve your business goals. It’s simple and quick to promote products and services to increase sales. You can even promote your website or promote your email newsletter to increase subscriptions improve your Email Marketing campaigns.

We specialise in Social Media Management

We can help manage your Social Media Marketing for you at a very affordable price, helping increase your non paid reach as well as getting you the best value for money on adverts and achieve the best return on investment. We can also build landing pages on your website to increase the chances of a site visitor converting.


We’ll discuss what you want to promote, whether it be a product, service, event or raising brand awareness.


We will research how similar companies are interacting on Social Media and take on board what they do well.


We will create engaging posts which are designed to convert your audience into customers.

Review and Perfect

We’ll look through your data to see what went was successful and what wasn’t, then adjust and perfect.

Why Your Business Should Be Using Social Media

Build relationships

Social Media allows your business to build a meaningful relationship with your customers. You can respond to messages, help with any problems and take part in conversations about your business or industry. The power of establishing relationships is something other marketing methods like print and radio can never achieve.

Increase website traffic

Posting and interacting on Social Media can help increase visitors to your website. Linking to your website in posts with an engaging call to action can really boost your site visitors. Even having a page on a Social Media platform as a point of contact can really help increase your organic site visits.

Learn about your audience

Social Media gives businesses the chance to communicate on a different level than ever before. You’re able to find out what they like (as well as what they don’t like). You can also find out where they are from, their age and their gender, all of which can help really target the audience of ads down to those who have the highest chance of being interested in your brand.

Sharing is easy

Social Media allows you to share any kind of content to your audience, whether it be videos, images, a blog post or something completely different, using Social Media to distribute and promote your content is a proven way to increase engagement.

Better customer service

Your audience will include past customers and those interested in your business. Many will contact you on Social Media with questions about your business, service or product. It gives you a chance to show off how well your business provides customer service as most questions will be in the public domain for all to see.

Target your niche audience

Many Social Media platforms like Facebook have the Geo-targeting feature. Geo-targeting allows you to specifically target an audience in a specific location, as well as other factors such as relationship status, age, gender and education.

Social Media Marketing FAQ

What are the best Social Media platforms for my business to use?

All businesses have different audiences so there is no correct answer. If you are unsure on what you should be doing on Social Media for your business please contact us and we can discuss your needs and how we can help your business succeed on Social Media.

How much do you charge for Social Media Marketing?

We like to start off by having a discussion and finding out what exactly you’re looking for. All businesses are unique and have different requirements. If you would like to work with us, please contact us so we can have a chat with you and create a quote.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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