Email Marketing in Scotland

Email marketing is like a laser guided bomb, you aren’t targeting an irrelevant audience, you’re targeting customers who voluntarily opted in to receive your emails and want to hear from you.

We are Email Marketing Specialists and can effectively engage your audience focusing on more conversions and increased subscribers.

About Email Marketing Management

Email Marketing allows you to reach thousands of interested people in one click of a button, promoting what you have to offer with the intent to gain more visitors to your site, raise awareness or increase sales.

Using a mix of high quality graphics, engaging text and useful links, we can interact with your audience in a way that boosts your brand awareness and increases sales. We will constantly analyse your data to fine tune your email marketing efforts to achieve the best results.

Increase subscribers

Using your website

Most visitors to your website never visit again. By encouraging your site visitors to join your email list you can effectively build a list of those who want to hear from you. It’s important to optimise your website to convert your visitors into email subscribers, we can help do this.

Using Social Media

Social Media is a great platform to use to increase your email subscribers. You may already have many fans of your business who like your page, all you need to do is convert them into subscribers.This can be done by promoting your email subscription using Social Media ads. Having an audience on both Social Media and on an email list allows you to market your business in multiple ways, increasing conversion rates.

How we work


We’ll discuss what you want to promote, whether it be a product or a business newsletter.


We’ll design an attractive email with engaging content with the intent of converting.

Test & Send

We will send a test email to ourselves to make sure everything’s ok, followed by the real deal.


We analyse the data from the emails results to see what worked and what didn’t, then adjust and perfect.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Target an interested audience

All of your audience is interested in your business, they want to hear from you.

Very cost effective

Email Marketing has an incredibly low cost, with a return of investment of £38 for every £1 spent.

Brand awareness

Use Email Marketing to raise awareness about your business, through newsletters and promotional content.


You can segment specific emails into different mailing lists, for example male and female for clothes, age or even specific industries.

Easy to create

Email Marketing doesn’t require hours of design work to make a great email, this allows more time to focus on converting your audience and getting more sales.

Immediate results

Emails have a sense of urgency when received, combined with the increased use of mobile devices it means that your email campaigns can see results in minutes.

Email Marketing FAQ

What platform do you use for Email Marketing?

We use MailChimp, a free to use email marketing service which allows you to create beautiful designs and gives you powerful analytic software to find out valuable data to improve your open and click through rates. Whats best of all is it’s free for up to 2000 subscribers and provides everything you need to reach out to your audience effectively.

Can I add emails to my list without permission?

No, you must ask for a customer’s permission if you can contact them in future with offers or promotional information. We can work on your Email Marketing campaigns and eliminate the worry of doing something illegal by accident if you do it yourself.

Find out more about Marketing and Advertising laws.

What is usually promoted using Email Marketing?

Email Marketing has a variety of uses. You can send out a number of different emails including:

  • Promotions: Promoting your products and services.
  • Special Offers: Special offers such as coupons and sales.
  • Newsletters: Allowing your audience to find out whats happening with your business.
  • Email Surveys: Using surveys to acquire valuable information about your audience.

Email Marketing is a great way of keeping in touch with your customers, as well as re-marketing to them to bring in more sales.

How much do you charge for Email Marketing?

We like to start off by having a discussion and finding out what exactly you’re looking for. All businesses are unique and have different requirements. If you would like to work with us, please contact us so we can have a chat with you and create a quote.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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